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Our school “GadSA”

Location and building

Photograph of Schweizer Alle with our school building
View of Schweizer Allee

The school is located in Dortmund-Aplerbeck in a quiet avenue, away from big streets.

Our school consists of a main building, a gym, a sports field and an outside school area including toilets and a big bike-shelter.

The main building includes a science-section, an arts-section, a lot of classrooms and multiple multimedia-rooms. There is also a room for independent studies, equipped with several computers and an auditorium, which is used for concerts, theatre plays and all different kinds of assemblies.

In the school cafeteria, the students have the opportunity to buy small snacks all day long or to get a warm meal for lunch.

Students and classes

School levels at GadSA:
Secondary school level I (classes with students aged 10 to 15);
Secondary school level II (classes preparing for the Abitur, i.e. examination equivalent to the British A level)

Currently, about 1200 students attend this school and more than 90 teachers educate them in a lot of different subjects. All the students and teachers are under the responsible management of our schools head principal, Mrs. Inge Levin and alternate principal Mr. Paul Steffen.

The students are in 8 different grades, which are divided in three main parts:

  • Erprobungsstufe: Classes 5 & 6
  • Mittelstufe: Classes 7 - 9
  • Oberstufe: Classes 10 - 12

In the Erprobungsstufe and Mittelstufe, the students get timetables, which are defined by the school and they get taught in consistent classes (except for a few subjects).

In the Oberstufe the students get the chance to choose between different courses, considering their personal strengths and preferences. Because of this, the students don’t have steady classes anymore and get to know other people.

After-school-activities and school exchanges

The students also have the opportunity to take part in different after-school-activities, like playing in an orchestra or the school band, joining the chess club, playing in the soccer team...

There are several offers, mainly for the Erprobungsstufe and Mittelstufe, but also a few for the Oberstufe. Our school is very interested in international relations and we have partner schools in Ålesund, Peterhead, Dublin, Amersfoort, Ieper, Liberec, Mâcon, Florence, Silves and Lagoa. There are even a few bilingual classes to help the students to improve their language skills in different subjects.

Feel free to take a look around our homepage and visit us one day!